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Wrap-around Sleever

Wrap Around Sleevers are designed to wrap a flat paperboard blank around a variety of single and multi-count products such as cans, cups and trays.

Our Wrap Around Sleevers are designed to be highly modular, providing complete compatibility of functions, mechanical units and electrical components between all of the machines in the range.

The machine is designed to allow various product and sleeve configurations and speeds. The sleever shown here packages one, two and four products with two products forming two layers.

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With servo driven speed control, customers can match the outflow of products to other equipments. Whether your products are single or multi-layered products, wrap-around sleever will satisfy your needs.

We will do our best to satisfy both the technical aspects as well as the customer's value through innovation and full customer support.

Samwoo Automation

Complete packaging solution

  • Can be applied to all industries and products using sleeve packing
  • Simple design & operation with freely movable touch screen console
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance with transparent guard door
  • Electro-welded stainless steel body frame
  • Collating System
  • Wash down construction
  • Quick & easy product changever time